Modern vehicles are collecting and sharing increasing amounts of data so that they can operate more autonomously, provide more robust safety protections, and offer innovative new products and services. The enhanced connectivity raises novel privacy issues for vehicle owners and passengers, and increases the number of potential security threats and vulnerabilities. This session would discuss the state of existing regulations, guidance from the FTC and NHTSA, and industry voluntary guidelines that presently set the framework for addressing these important issues, as well as consider how federal legislation (pending at the moment) would affect the present legal structure. The panel additionally would more generally consider the roles of government, industry, and consumers in formulating the legal and policy foundation for privacy and security in this quickly evolving area.

Steven M. Wernikoff, Partner, Co-Leader, Autonomous Vehicle Practice, Honigman
Peder Magee, Senior Staff Attorney, Federal Trade Commission
Chris Murphy, Lead Counsel, Cybersecurity and Privacy & Chief Privacy Officer, General Motors
Dana Sade, Senior Attorney, NHTSA’s Office of the Chief Counsel

Room 301

Conference Materials
Peder Magee
Peder Magee

Senior Staff Attorney

Chris Murphy

Lead Counsel, Cybersecurity and Privacy & Chief Privacy Officer
General Motors

Dana Sade
Dana Sade

Senior Counsel
NHTSA's Office of the Chief Counsel

Steven Wernikoff
Steven Wernikoff