As threat actors diversify their efforts to cause and leverage system shutdowns and disruptions, comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity planning are the new incident response planning musts.  The next round of threats will be timed data manipulation extortion attacks, system takeover threats of physical and economic harm.  This session will consider different options for first party cyber risk transfers.  It will also consider how to bring together the wide-reaching group of experts as well as government to model epidemic risks and bottlenecks to prepare companies and craft solutions.

Marcello Antonucci, TMB E&O Claims Focus Group Leader, Beazley
Dave Wong, Managing Director, Mandiant
Troy Harris, Sr. Director, National Leader, Business Continuity Planning, RSM US LLP
Tobias Gebhardt, Corporate Underwriter/Loss Engineer for Cyber Security Issues, Munich Re

Room 310

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The Untold Story of NOTPETYA, The Most Devastating Cyber Attack in History 
Crippled ports. Paralyzed corporations. Frozen government agencies. How a single piece of code crashed the world.

Business Interruption: Risk in a More Connected World


Marcello Antonucci
Marcello Antonucci

TMB E&O Claims Focus Group Leader

Tobias Gebhardt
Tobias Gebhardt

Corporate Underwriter / Loss Engineer, Cyber Security Issues
Munich Re

Troy Harris
Troy Harris

Sr. Director, National Leader, Business Continuity Planning

Dave Wong
Dave Wong

Managing Director