A discussion on the privacy issues around biometrics and digital identity. Digital identity programs are expanding in countries around the world, from use for border control, with biometrics incorporated into passports, to refugee tracking and control, and perhaps most importantly, for enrollment in entitlements programs and for the delivery of social services. From REAL ID in the U.S. to Aadhar in India, or refugee and natural disaster scenarios, there are many examples and privacy implications

Brenda Leong, Senior Counsel & Director of Strategy, Future of Privacy Forum
Andrea Hackl, Research Analyst, Ranking Digital Rights, Open Tech Institute, New America
James Loudermilk,
Senior Director Innovation and Customer Solutions, IDEMIA National Security Solutions

Room 403


Conference Materials
Andrea Hackl
Andrea Hackl

Research Analyst, Ranking Digital Rights
Open Tech Institute, New America

Brenda Leong
Brenda Leong

Sr. Counsel &
Dir. of Strategy
Future of Privacy Forum

James Loudermilk

Senior Director Innovation and Customer Solutions
IDEMIA National Security Solutions