In this panel, seasoned privacy and security practitioners will share their experiences as women in privacy and security, which are converging into the data protection field. Which field was easier and harder for them to enter? How was it different 15, 10, 5 years ago compared to how it is today? What were their most difficult challenges as women or other underrepresented group members in these fields? How did they handle those challenges? Is privacy really an equal playing field for women? How do we effectively tackle the pronounced disparity in the security field? What do they wish they did differently in their careers? What have they had to do differently today to keep up with the evolving and converging intersection of privacy and security? Where do they see the data protection field going and do they see a place for women there?

Donna McPartland, Counsel, Arent Fox
Faith Meyers, CPO, McKesson
Angelique Carson, Editor, The Privacy Advisor, IAPP

Room 301


Donna McPartland
Donna McPartland

Arent Fox LLP

Faith Knight Meyers
Faith Knight Myers

Global Privacy Leader