Cyber extortion has become a billion dollar “business.” Regulators have heightened expectations for data “availability” as a critical component of security, and disaster recovery and business continuity have a seat at the head table for incident response planning purposes. Panelists will discuss how to deal with a cyber extortion situation, how things are likely to go if a decision is made to pay, what you may wish you had done or thought of, and what the law and law enforcement have to say.

Bart W. Huffman, Partner, Reed Smith LLP
Elizabeth Cookson, Senior Cyber Investigator, Kivu Consulting Inc.
Sheraun P. Howard, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI

Room 403

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Elizabeth Cookson
Elizabeth Cookson

Senior Cyber Investigator
Kivu Consulting Inc.

Gözde Erbaz
Sheraun P. Howard

Supervisory Special Agent

Bart W. Huffman

Reed Smith LLP