Autonomous vehicles are positioned to transform the future of mobility—a change enabled by new on-board sensors that collect and transmit growing types and quantities of data. While data in vehicles is not entirely new, autonomous vehicles promise an explosion in the variety, connectivity, volume of such data. As consumer privacy increasingly becomes a contentious political issue, autonomous cars will raise new and unique considerations around what happens with that data—and how it is protected. As the automotive industry becomes more data-driven, getting consumer privacy right will become increasingly important for both car companies and technology companies that build in-car devices.

Tim Tobin, Partner, Hogan Lovells
Lauren Smith, Policy Counsel, Future of Privacy Forum
Michael Dolan, CISO, Element Fleet Management
David Schwietert, Executive Vice President, Federal Government Relations & Public Policy, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

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Michael Dolan

Element Fleet Management

David Schwietert
David Schwietert

Executive Vice President, Federal Government Relations & Public Policy
Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith

Policy Counsel
Future of Privacy Forum

Tim Tobin
Timothy Tobin

Hogan Lovells US LLP