FAQ’s Online Content

Will all sessions be recorded?

No. Some sessions might not be recorded because of speaker objections to being recorded. In some cases, we will try to edit out the speaker who is objecting, but we can’t always do this effectively. We will not be recording pre-con workshops or intensive days. Otherwise, we will be recording as many sessions as possible at the main event. We plan to record about 100 sessions.

When will the recorded sessions be available?

About 2-4 weeks after the event.

When will the clock start for the 6 month period?

When users are sent their login to access the content.

Will CLE credit be offered for online content?

No. Many state CLE requirements are quite onerous for online content, requiring a method of evaluation, and we’re not able to provide this. But please feel free to check with your state, as states vary.

How many sessions can one watch?

As many as you want and whenever you want for 6 months. You will have unlimited access.

Where will the online content be located?

On our website – go to the session pages for each session, and there will be a button to access the online recordings.