Bots have become a new domain of personal and business communications. Bots’ automated, interactive programs respond to natural language and allow users to order food, read news, get assistance, shop, get personalized weather forecasts, and much more. Even though bots represent an important technology advancement they do not leave us feel confident about privacy and security of our data.  We propose an interactive case study presentation where we will 1) provide a brief overview of bots and what they achieve, 2) illustrate how bots operate, and 3) show privacy and security implications of bots. By using a case study and audience interactions we will explore product development and maintenance cycles from privacy, security, engineering, and business prospective. A case study will be built using recent developments in technology, privacy and security industries, to illustrate what a “good bot” and a “bad bot” entail. Challenges presented by laws and regulations, recent cases, consumer expectations, and public perception will be used to demonstrate how bot design can achieve privacy and security efficiencies.

Elena Elkina, Partner, Aleada Consulting
Mike Hintze, Partner, Hintze Law PLLC
Jason Cronk, Privacy and Trust Consultant, Enterprivacy Consulting Group


Room 405


Jason Cronk

Privacy and Trust Consultant
Enterprivacy Consulting Group

Elena Elkina

Aleada Consulting

Mike Hintze

Hintze Law