With only a few months left to go, will you comply with the EU GDPR? What approach will you take now that it is almost upon us? What is possible at this stage, and what resources will you need and where will they come from? This session leverages an accountability approach to attaining and maintaining GDPR compliance through the “appropriate technical and organizational measures” required by Article 24. Guidances from Article 29 Working Group and other regulators will be considered to identify expectations of accountability infrastructure, identification of gaps needing remediation, and strategies for prioritizing and resourcing activities that will enable and maintain GDPR compliance, given the amount of time remaining. You will learn the latest from the EU and North America regarding what others in the market are doing, the latest regulator thinking and behaviors in the pre-GDPR world, the challenges and opportunities of the GDPR world after May 2018, and the clear risk areas that are emerging and what you can do about it.

Constantine Karbaliotis, Vice President, Solutions Partners, Nymity
Mark Webber, Partner, Fieldfisher

Room 301

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Constantine Karbaliotis
Constantine Karbaliotis

Vice President, Solutions Partners

Mark Webber
Mark Webber