As the pace of technological innovation continues to increase, we have the opportunity to realize dramatic improvements in economic growth, connections between people, and the overall betterment of society.  To achieve these benefits, organizations and policymakers must consider not just how to build technology but how to take an approach to innovation that enhances these benefits while ensuring that new technology is being used responsibly.  This session will take a practical approach to this question, surveying the principles and tactics that organizations can use to ensure they are protecting people’s privacy while developing research and products that benefit society. In this session, attendees will participate in an interactive data ethics review process to explore how data ethics can be applied in practice.

Rob Sherman, Deputy Chief Privacy Officer, Facebook
Michelle De Mooy, Director, Privacy & Data Project, Center for Democracy & Technology
Dennis Hirsch, Professor, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

Room 407


Dennis Hirsch

The Ohio State University

Rob Sherman
Rob Sherman

Deputy Chief Privacy Officer