The classification of sensitive data has shifted in the past few years. This discussion will provide real world examples and pose questions such as: Is health or financial data used for marketing always considered sensitive? Is the intended use of precise location data the ultimate factor in determining sensitivity? If we prohibit audience segmentation based on sexual orientation, are we discriminating against LGBTQ advertisers? What happens when everything starts to be classified as sensitive?

Rachel Glasser, Senior Partner, Director of Privacy, GroupM
Daniel Shore, Counsel & Manager of Privacy Compliance, Conversant LLC
Scott Hodes, Deputy General Counsel – Product and Privacy, AdRoll
Struan Robertson, Senior Counsel, Google

Room 308


Rachel Glasser
Rachel Glasser

Senior Partner,
Director of Privacy

Struan Robertson
Struan Robertson

Senior Product Counsel

Daniel Shore
Daniel Shore

Counsel & Manager of Privacy Compliance